What does the surgery cost?
In New Zealand insurance companies do not cover congenital conditions or cosmetic procedures therefore private patients will need to pay out-of-pocket for their treatment. Treatment in the public hospital is free to NZ residents. The more complex Microtia operations are usually performed in the public hospitals, but can be performed privately if requested.

Many families elect to pay for Prominent Ear surgery privately. For adult patients the use of local anaesthesia can help to reduce costs. Prominent Ears can be corrected in the public hospital although the wait time may be extensive and you may not be able to select your surgeon. The public hospital does not perform prominent ear correction for adult patients.

For an up-to-date estimate of surgical costs please call us on 09 5295783 or use the contact page.

Post-traumatic ear problems are covered by ACC and can be addressed in both private and public settings. Similarly some complications of previous surgery may be deemed a treatment injury by ACC and receive funding for correction.

If I have a baby with Microtia will my next baby be affected?
Most cases of Microtia are isolated but there is a higher  than normal risk of having a second child with Microtia if you have already had an affected child. This risk is perhaps 5%.

How do I get an appointment to see you?
For private consultations please ring 09 5295783 or email info@earsurgery.co.nz or grb@plasticsurgeons.co.nz for an appointment. Also see the contact page.
If you wish to be seen at the public hospital ask your family doctor to refer you to Mr Glenn Bartlett, Department of Plastic Surgery, Middlemore Hospital, Private Bag 93311, Otahuhu, South Auckland.

My child has prominent ears. What age should they be corrected?
In general I like to wait until the child is 4 as by then the ear cartilage is stiff enough to have a predictable surgical result. It is nice to perform the procedure before school so any teasing is averted. It is also possible to correct the ears at any age thereafter.