Ear Surgery is a New Zealand-based website dedicated to all forms of Plastic Surgery for the outer ear or ‘Pinna’.

Over the years I have treated many children, adults and families with a range of different ear problems. Often parents ask for a website to visit, so here it is. Whilst this is not a complete textbook of information about your ears I hope it will act as a useful resource.

Ear anomalies can range from minor Prominent Ears to complete absence of the ear (Microtia). Hearing may be normal or absent and there may be associated anomalies of the facial structures. As a Craniofacial Surgeon I am also able to give assessment and treatment of many of the associated issues.

Prominent Ears, also known as Bat Ears or Stick Out Ears are the most common problem and can usually be treated with a straightforward day procedure known as Ear Pinning Surgery or Otoplasty. Microtia with canal atresia (absent ear and canal) is more complex and is best assessed in a multi-disciplinary setting. My otology colleague Colin Brown and I run the combined Microtia/Atresia clinic at Starship children’s hospital to deal with the more complex problems. 



Delegates of the 5th International Congress on Auricular Reconstruction which I attended in 2012